Okay, here we are. It’s right between those two trees there, where they make an arch.

Now, every entrance to the Library has a trick to it. There’s one in New York where you have to pour chicken blood over a manhole. This one’s easy, though. You just need someone who’s been inside to invite you. So long as I’m here, you can get though. Next time, you can let yourself in.

See? What’d I tell you? Go ahead and gawk. Everyone does, their first time. Don’t worry, the shelves aren’t going to fall down anytime this century. It just feels like it because they’re so high and narrow.

You can read any book in the library. Or borrow it, if you like. Don’t try and keep them, though. You want your own copy, you’ll have to make it yourself. Take it to Kinko’s or something. I know one guy who write his out with an old quill pen, by candlelight. Just make sure the original gets back before it’s due.

Okay, here’s the main hall. There are a few hundred people here at any time. It seems a little cozy, but I’ve seen it hold ten times that when there’s a big meeting. Spaces are deceiving.

Now, you see that guy in the robes, with the lantern? Don’t stare, it’s not polite. Yeah, he has no mouth. He’s a Docent, one of the guys who works here. If you need to go somewhere, the Docents show you where its at. They also make sure no one does anything they’re not supposed to.

There are doors all throughout the Library. Some guys like to go through the unmarked doors and figure out where they lead and how to open them from the other side. I don’t recommend that unless you’ve got a way to go home the long way. Occasionally, the Bookburners will figure out a way in, and destroy it. Doesn’t happen often, and a new door opens up somewhere else. That’s why we lay low on the other side.

Now, if you want to find a given book, just ask one of the librarians at the front desk. They’re the ones without eyes. If you want to check it out, you need a card. Hold onto the card, by the way. It can act as your ID in a lot of places. And if someone else gets ahold of it, they own you.

Now, let’s get you started on some of our literature…





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